Washington Capitals get surprise visitor, Ovechkin gets soaked

Jason Chimera may make a living bothering the opposition, but his son makes life difficult for the Capitals. Watch the young Cale Chimera, wielding only a water bottle, take on Alexander Ovechkin.

Jason Chimera makes his living on the energy line. It’s a fitting place for him, seeing as he has to have energy in droves if he’s going to keep up with his son Cale.

Just six years old, Cale is already picking up some of his dad’s tricks. Take squirting the enemy with a water bottle, for instance. A classic hockey move, the youthful Chimera put the trickery to work. The target? Capitals captain and superstar Alex Ovechkin:

Cale is modest when he sheepishly admits he soaked Ovechkin. On second glance, he may have also connected with the guy in the blue hoodie. Tough break, but you’ve got to be on your toes when Cale Chimera is around.

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The elder Chimera – sporting the ill-effects of a surely broken nose – does make sure to rein Cale in on one thing, though: not too much Gatorade. Well, at least that’s what they’ll tell Mom.

Thank you to Capitals senior communications director Sergey Kocharov for uploading the video.