Watch Aaron Ekblad butcher ‘Call Me Maybe’ in Panthers visit to children’s hospital

Aaron Ekblad is a talented hockey player. We knew that before he was drafted first overall by the Florida Panthers. What we didn’t know is that if his singing is any indication, it might be the only thing he’s good at.

Aaron Ekblad is a talented young defenseman who plays for the Florida Panthers. But did you know Aaron Ekblad is also a terrible singer who plays for the Florida Panthers?

In a video captured by Panthers Vision, you can watch defensemen Ekblad, Willie Mitchell, Erik Gudbranson, Dylan Olsen, and Colby Robak visit The Chris Evert Children’s Hospital, with the big payoff coming shortly after the 1:16 mark:

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You can see Gudbranson’s face light up right before he delivers his review of Ekblad’s performance. Fair to say there won’t be many challenging him on his opinion of the rookie’s vocal talent.

So, to review: Aaron Ekblad – good hockey player, bad singer.