Watch Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup win as animated by incredible flipbook artist

A flipbook artist animated the Chicago Blackhawks’ Game 6 Stanley Cup-clinching victory and the result is outstanding. Watch hand-animations of the goals by Duncan Keith and Patrick Kane, as well as Jonathan Toews passing the Cup to Kimmo Timonen.

It’s been nearly one month since the Chicago Blackhawks were crowned Stanley Cup champions, but that hasn’t stopped the tributes from pouring in. This latest one, however, is definitely one of the most creative.

A YouTube user known as The Flippist, a flipbook artist who makes custom, hand-drawn animations, just so happens to be a native Chicagoan. As such, he tried his hand at animating the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup clinching victory, and the result is spectacular:

“I’ve never watched much hockey, but as a Chicagoan it was hard not to get swept up in excitement of the Blackhawks 2015 Stanley Cup win,” The Flippist wrote. “Thanks for bringing the city together…sports fans, and nerdy flipbook-makers alike!”

Hockey fan or not, some might remember The Flippist from earlier in the season when Vladimir Tarasenko’s incredible one-handed goal was given the flipbook treatment. It’s incredible how accurately he captures the body position of Patrick Kane and Duncan Keith in the animations, and highlighting the Cup-pass to Kimmo Timonen is a nice touch. And, while a minor detail, seeing the attention paid to Steven Stamkos’ attempt to corral the puck after the breakaway save by Corey Crawford is amazing.

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If The Flippist had animated each of Chicago’s three Stanley Cup wins over the past six years, he would be keeping himself quite busy. Judging from his comments, however, it doesn’t seem he minds putting together a flipbook when his hometown team takes home the sport’s biggest prize.