Watch Colin Wilson’s skate explode in the middle of play

One of the strangest plays of the evening came in the first period of Nashville’s contest against Minnesota. The Predators’ Colin Wilson was chasing a loose puck when his skate exploded, leaving him scrambling on one foot to the bench.

There are equipment malfunctions and there’s what happened to Nashville Predators winger Colin Wilson Saturday night.

In the first period of Nashville’s contest against Minnesota, Wilson was breaking into the Wild zone and chasing a loose puck. As soon as Wilson got to the puck, his skate exploded, leaving debris everywhere. From there, Wilson tried to pirouette around the ice to get back to the bench:

It looks like Wilson is running around the ice with a loafer on, which is hilarious to watch but must have been incredibly frustrating for Wilson. It does look like he’s chuckling as he heads off the ice, though. We’ve seen blades pop out before and sticks get wedged in the blade holder, but this might be the first full-on skate malfunction.

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The timing of Wilson’s bit of bad luck seems almost unfair, though. The Predators haven’t scored in seven straight periods and have been shutout for more than 130 minutes. They’ve fired 62 shots at opposition goaltenders without getting a single puck through.