Watch Drew Doughty destroy mannequins with slap shots to showcase new stick

Drew Doughty wanted to showcase the power of his new stick. He did so by blowing apart mannequins with his slap shot, including a few shots that look as though they’d be rather uncomfortable to block.

Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty has 24 power play points last season, and one reason why he’s been able to rack up so many points with the man advantage is because of his ability to get the puck through traffic.

But when it comes to showcasing his new Easton stick, Doughty’s not so concerned with getting pucks on net. Instead, after showing what it looks like to put a few pucks on goal, Doughty seems more interested in tearing a mannequin limb from limb with slap shots. He literally blasts pucks at the trio of mannequins until they’re destroyed.

It’s an interesting way to promote the new stick, and it’s definitely some footage that will make a few players think twice before laying down to block Doughty’s shot. Especially the ones that catch the mannequin in an, uh, uncomfortable spot:

The little smirk Doughty gives before he’s about to fire on the mannequins is about all you need to know about the punishment he’s looking to inflict on the mannequins.

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The first few shots Doughty lets go seem to simply ding up Doughty’s targets, but when he starts hitting them square, it looks like Doughty’s shots are tearing clean through the torso of the dummies. That’s not a shot that looks like fun to block.

There’s more than just destroyed mannequins in this video, though, as there’s also a small piece of news. Kings fans probably caught it right away, but Doughty is wearing an ‘A’ in the video, signifying that he’s been given one of the alternate captaincies in Los Angeles.

Doughty has never worn a letter in his nine-season NHL career, but he lands one after the off-season leadership shuffle the Kings have undergone this summer which included Dustin Brown relinquishing the captaincy to Anze Kopitar.

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