See Evander Kane shoot water bottles off the crossbar

Watch Evander Kane picks water bottles off the crossbar with his shot.

Patrick Kane, known for his stickhandling, wowed eyeballs earlier this month by dipsy-doodling through a cluster of pucks. It was so utterly fantastic it inspired a Brandon Bollig spinoff, which came with predictably less glamorous – but much more hysterical – results.

But Evander Kane is known more for his power game and especially his shot, being a budding goal scorer and all. So here is Evander in another ad for Bauer knocking water bottles off the crossbar one at a time, then in domino succession, summoning his inner Ray Bourque.

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Somewhere Don Cherry is losing his mind over a player practicing to miss the net.

Hopefully this starts a Kane v. Kane rivalry now that the two surname brothers share a division. Advantage Patrick at this point.

Cue the Chris Thorburn spinoff.