Watch Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin interview each other awkwardly

Dallas Stars phenoms Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin have fun grilling each other in this fun interview staged by ESPN.

So Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn have gone uncharacteristically cold. It’s not a big deal yet. Don’t sell them in fantasy leagues. And don’t worry about your Central Division chances yet, Stars fans.

If the chemistry they show in this video from ESPN is any indication, they’ll get back on the same page in no time. Have a look at the two-minute segment, in which they take turns interviewing each other:

Each guy deserves points. Seguin shows off a more playful persona and seems to let his hair down a bit more answering the questions. But Benn does a good job badgering Seguin, especially about Seguin’s so-called love for lacrosse. It’s all in good fun and, seeing how Seguin in particular cracks up at some of the questions, it’s a friendly reminder of how young these guys still are. Seguin can feel larger than life as he climbs the NHL’s scoring leaderboard, but he’s just a 22-year-old kid. It’s rarer in hockey than in other major pro sports for the athletes to show their silly sides, to this is a little breath of fresh air. Kudos, ESPN.

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