Watch Jeremy Roenick sneak up on, attempt to catch live alligator

Jeremy Roenick has always tried to entertain people, and his latest attempt came on the golf course when the NBC Sports analyst tried to catch a live alligator. Thankfully, neither Roenick nor the alligator were injured.

Whether you’re a fan of Jeremy Roenick’s or not, it’s hard to deny that he has always been entertaining. Part of that entertainment comes from Roenick’s antics, which have included on-ice dance breaks and his outspokenness. His latest attempt at crowd-pleasing, though, was equal parts dangerous and crazy.

In a video posted by Philadelphia sports radio host Rhea Hughes, Roenick, a nine-time NHL all-star, sneaks up behind a sunbathing alligator on the golf course. As Roenick approaches the alligator, he asks fellow broadcaster Keith Jones, who is behind the camera, to make sure he’s getting both Roenick and the alligator in the frame. Then, in one move, Roenick turns and dives at the alligator:

Roenick has done some crazy things in his career, like try his hand at acting in the CBS series ‘Hack,’ but this has to be right up there. It’s hard to say what would have happened had Roenick gotten ahold of the alligator, but we certainly hope it wouldn’t have ended with a former NHL star being mauled by an alligator on a golf course or the alligator being injured.

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Roenick, 45, currently serves as an analyst for NBC Sports’ hockey coverage and likely doesn’t have a wildlife show on the horizon.