Watch Jonathan Toews pop the water bottle, snipe it out of mid-air

Watch Jonathan Toews show off some pinpoint accuracy in a new Bauer commercial. After popping the water bottle with his first shot, Toews fires a second puck and picks the water bottle out of mid-air.

If you’re looking for an idea of how accurate an NHL shot can be, look no further than Jonathan Toews’ latest performance in a commercial promoting the Bauer’s new Nexus N1 stick.

In the commercial, shot at Winnipeg’s MTS Iceplex, Toews places a water bottle on top of the net before unleashing two snapshots. The first shot is to pop the water bottle and send it sailing into the air. The second shot is to pick the bottle out of mid-air, like skeet shooting with a stick and puck.

Your average pickup hockey superstar likely wouldn’t come close to pulling off the trick, but the Chicago Blackhawks’ captain makes it look like a walk in the park. Check it out:

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While we’re not quite sure how many tries it took Toews to pick off the water bottle with his second shot, judging by what’s in the net it didn’t take too long. There are only eight pucks sitting in the goalmouth, so these would be his ninth and tenth shots, making it his fifth attempt at the stunt.

The crew filming Toews’ attempts were clearly ecstatic about his success, too. As soon as he catches that second bottle, the onlookers are roaring with cheers and applause.

If this is the kind of pinpoint accuracy Toews is bringing in 2015-16, he could be set for the third 30-goal campaign of his career.