Watch junior player nearly decapitate himself with his own stick

After getting a game misconduct for spearing, a junior player slams his stick off the glass when leaving the ice. In a crazy sequence of events, his stick gets caught in between the boards and he nearly beheads himself. Ouch.

Let this be a lesson: if ever you are kicked out of a hockey game, try not to overreact, because you may just end up giving yourself a WWE-style clothesline.

This clip comes from a Sunday night game in the Midwest Junior Hockey League, where Alpena Flyers forward Mitchell Skiba was ejected for a spear late in a 7-3 loss to the MC Monarchs. When Skiba goes to leave the ice, he slams his stick on the glass. Problem is, the stick gets stuck and puts him flat on his back. Ouch.

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Something tells me that didn’t feel great for Skiba, but we’re glad it looks like he’s all right. He got up, left his stick, and walked to the room.

With three goals, nine points, and 108 PIM, we hope he takes it easy next time he’s leaving the ice, because this could have ended very, very badly.

(Thanks to Pete Blackburn for posting the Vine)