Watch Michigan high schooler score insane backhand 360, between-the-legs goal

A Michigan high school player scored an absolutely jaw-dropping goal, spinning backhanded against the grain before scoring a Marek Malik-style goal.

Connor McDavid has scored some beauties this year, Sidney Crosby has been his normal self and the hockey world has been enamoured with the blistering shot of Patrik Laine. When it comes to goal of the year, though, the honor may very well have to go to a high school player in Michigan.

It’s nearly impossible to explain how on earth Gibraltar Carlson Marauders sophomore Jake Rhoades thought to pull off this move, but it’s must-see material.

Coming down the left wing, Rhoades was one-on-one with a defender while cutting towards the middle of the ice. Instead of trying to power around the defender, Rhoades threw down a backhanded 360 spin move, controlling the puck with the heel of his stick. That alone would have been enough to make this highlight-reel worthy.

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However, after the spin move allowed Rhoades to slip by the lone defender, he flipped the puck back between his legs and popped it over the blocker of the netminder:

Feel free to watch that as many times as you need to comprehend what just happened.

We sincerely hope we see the backhand heel drag makes its way into big league play, because if Rhoades’ goal is any indication, it’s the perfect setup for jaw-dropping goals.

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