Watch Nashville Predators mascot start pie fight with Oiler fans

The Nashville Predators’ mascot returned from injury in style, catching an Oiler fan with a pie in the face. And you won’t believe what the victim did next.

Staged? More than you may think. Funny either way.

Gnash, the Nashville Predators mascot, is back with a vengeance. He had been sidelined since training camp after breaking his fibula while training for the upcoming season.

He made some wheelchair-bound appearances while he healed up, but he returned in full force for Tuesday’s game against Edmonton. Gnash made his presence felt by stuffing a pie in a seemingly unsuspecting Oiler fan’s face. The fan’s response? Pie it forward, baby (rimshot!). He unloads on his laughing lady friend. Check it out:

Good clean fun. Were the fans tipped off? It’s more fun to assume they weren’t, but the truth is the lady, who is reportedly the original victim’s sister, was actually in on the prank with Gnash. And the Preds hooked the siblings up with tickets afterward. I can’t imagine Sis was totally expecting the payback pie, however.

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Welcome back, Gnash. Keep up the deliciously devious work.

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