Watch NHL players try to name all four Beatles, fail horribly

The Beatles were arguably to music what Wayne Gretzky was to hockey. As such, you’d think the names of all four Beatles members would be easy to rattle off. Not so for your favorite NHL stars, as almost all of the NHLers tested couldn’t name the Fab Four.

Like Wayne Gretzky was to hockey, the Beatles were to music. Even people who don’t follow hockey know of Gretzky, and even the most casual of music fan at least knows of the Beatles.

But, unlike Gretzky, who is one man who did many great things, the Beatles were comprised of four individuals, and sometimes it’s tough to keep track of so many names when you’re not a fan of something. As such, the NHL asked some players if they could name all four members of the biggest band in music history. What followed was not pretty:

The first question comes when P.K. Subban says Scott Gomez will be all over him. Is Gomez all about Beatlemania? And it’s great when Claude Giroux confuses Paul McCartney for Ottawa Senators winger Clarke MacArthur.

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There are some embarrassing ones in here, though. Henrik Lundqvist, whose musicianship has been noted many times, can’t name more than two Beatles, while somehow Winnipeg Jets winger Blake Wheeler smashes the task out of the park. Well done, Mr. Wheeler.

What makes this a bit funnier is a similar experiment was run back in 1995, two decades earlier, and the results were much the same.

Contrary to popular belief, no, Scott Stevens was not a member of The Beatles. But there you have it, Maple Leafs fans, your president, Brendan Shanahan, is all about Beatlemania.