Watch Peter Forsberg go undercover, play alongside men’s league team

Peter Forsberg was one of the most dominant players in the NHL in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but for a stunt in Sweden, the Hall of Fame center went undercover and pretended he could barely skate. Then Forsberg turned it on and deked through the men’s team.

So, what has Peter Forsberg been up to since retiring? Oh, nothing much. A little of this, little of that, maybe putting on a wig, getting professional makeup done and hitting the ice with a men’s league team in Sweden.

As part of a stunt, Forsberg went undercover as “Kent,” a recreation league player from Northern Sweden who has had a few years off between his last time on the ice. Forsberg, as Kent, took the ice with the Huddinge Hockey Veterans, but when Kent turned his game on, the men’s league players started to get a bit suspicious:

We have to say, the makeup job to conceal Forsberg’s identity could have been a bit better. Even the wig doesn’t look too far off from Forsberg’s regular hairstyle. The move to put a cage on his helmet was a wise one, though, and Forsberg drew more than a few jeers from the other players due to his poor play.

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When Forsberg turns it on, though — and you can tell he’s about to by the 1980s action film montage music — he’s obviously the best player on the ice. In typical ‘Foppa’ fashion, he’s warding off stick checks with one hand and weaving in and out of traffic. His slapshot on the breakaway is worth a chuckle, too, because while Forsberg misses the net, he absolutely blows it past the netminder.

Near the end of the video, Forsberg unveils an interesting fact: 26 years ago, he was playing his first Swedish Elite League, now known as the SHL, game in the very same arena his undercover game was played.

(Video via Aftonbladet/Puck Daddy)