Watch Ryan Kesler go undercover as the biggest Ryan Kesler fan

Anaheim center Ryan Kesler went undercover to a Ducks game where he pretended to be a huge fan of…Ryan Kesler. Watch as Kesler, in disguise, makes fun of Corey Perry, talks about himself in the third person and surprises some young fans.

When the Ducks acquired Ryan Kesler from the Vancouver Canucks, it was a great deal to land a second-line center who could contribute in Anaheim. But who would have thought the biggest winner would be fans who like to see players’ personalities shine through?

Already Kesler has become a comedic hit for taking some straight-faced jabs at teammates in his web series, “Between Two Zambonis,” which is a takeoff on the popular “Between Two Ferns” show hosted by comedian Zach Galifianakis. But Kesler isn’t stopping at a show where he roasts teammates. No, Kesler is going one step further.

Check out “Undercover Duck,” a video from the Ducks where Kesler goes into disguise to attend a game in Anaheim as the biggest fan of…Ryan Kesler:

It’s difficult to pick out a best moment, especially when Kesler starts his time inside the arena making fun of teammate Corey Perry and taking a jab at Perry’s weight. That said, it’s hard to compete with Kesler sitting beside a young fan and talking about himself in the third person. “They don’t have Kesler out there. I heard he’s a King killer.”

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The shock on the kid’s face when he realizes who he was just sitting beside is priceless, too.

Kesler didn’t stop there, though. He took his act to the Ducks’ team store where he handed another young fan an autographed jersey. The wide-eyed look the kid gives back towards camera when Kesler reveals himself is amazing, as is the reaction from the fan off camera.

We have a feeling this won’t be the last thing Kesler does this season to joke around, and we’re glad for it because the more time he spends busting the chops of his teammates, the funnier it gets.