Watch Steven Stamkos break stuff with his shot

What happens when Steven Stamkos shoots a puck at a stack of lego, or a row of watermelons, or a TV or a fish tank full of water? Imagine no longer – ‘Stammer’ hammers these obstacles and more in a Bauer ad.

If you’re asked “who has the best shot in the NHL today” you might come back with an answer of Shea Weber or Zdeno Chara or Alex Ovechkin or Steven Stamkos. These players have hard, accurate shots and are among the best goal scorers at their position.

We used to have to imagine all the stuff they could break with their shots. They could break a TV, a gum ball machine, a stack of lego, a fish tank…the possibilities are endless.

No longer do we have to imagine what it would look like for one of these players to blow up this list of things by firing a puck at them. In Bauer’s latest ad, Stamkos takes aim at all these things and more. This is pretty entertaining to watch.

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It’s like seeing an elite NHLer play a bonus level. Ya you scored 50 goals. Ya you even scored 60 goals. But how much stuff can you break?

In fact, it made us remember Street Fighter’s “break the car” level.

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