Watch Subban vow to keep fundraising for Children’s Hospital in tear-jerking video

P.K. Subban might be moving to Nashville, but his vow to raise $10 million over seven years for the Montreal Children’s Hospital hasn’t changed. Subban sent a letter and released a video to tell patients and their families that his commitment isn’t “going to change one bit.”

P.K. Subban made a big commitment to the Montreal Children’s Hospital in September 2015, pledging to raise $10 million for the hospital over the next seven years. And though a trade to the Nashville Predators had some wondering if Subban would continue his drive to $10 million for the hospital, the former Montreal Canadiens blueliner announced via Twitter that he “will never stop” fundraising for the Children’s Hospital.

The video, which features children and parents at the hospital reading a letter Subban had penned, features a young boy delivering the letter to patients wearing one of the custom ‘Just For Laughs’ jerseys that Subban sold as part of his most recent fundraising event, a gala during the world-renowned comedy festival.

As the letter is read out by the children and parents, Subban says that just because he’s moving to Nashville “doesn’t mean (his) commitment to…the hospital is going to change one bit.”

Subban also promised he would be back to the hospital for “many more surprise visits.” According to’s Arpon Basu, Subban was such a regular before the trade to Nashville that he was given a parking pass in order to make his visits easier.

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Basu reported that following Monday’s event, Subban has now raised $1.2 million of the $10 million he had pledged. Marie-Josée Gariépy, the president of the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, told Basu that the only difference with Subban being in Nashville is that he won’t be able to “be physically present as often,” but that shouldn’t impact Subban’s ability to help the hospital. Gariépy told Basu that now the fundraising efforts and visits from Subban might require more creativity.

“We are very lucky to be keeping P.K. Subban,” Gariépy told Basu. “The Canadiens might have lost him, but the hospital gets to keep him.”

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