Watch the league-leading Canadiens practice with wrong-handed sticks

The Montreal Canadiens have a 10-point divisional lead and three-point lead atop the NHL. The Habs are playing so well, in fact, that they’re practicing with wrong-handed sticks. The result is hilarious.

It’s impossible to lock up a division this early in the season, but the Montreal Canadiens have already opened up a 10-point lead in the Atlantic Division and have a three-point lead atop the NHL’s standings.

So what do you do when you have the run of the league? Well, you start to have a bit of fun in practice. During Monday’s ice time, the Canadiens threw a wrench in their normal drills by swapping sticks with opposite-handed players and having a short scrimmage. The result is a bunch of NHL players looking like a men’s recreation league:

There are actually a few moments where the wrong-handed players look, you know, capable. But the best part of the video comes at the 31-second mark when one Canadien winds up and tries to let go a slap shot. It…doesn’t end so well.

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You can tell just how difficult using the back-handed sticks is, too, because P.K. Subban is celebrating the scrimmage goal like his side just won the Stanley Cup. He’s jumping up and down like Mike Foligno’s famous celebration.

The Canadiens aren’t going to be attempting this in-game anytime soon, but if Bobby Ryan has taught us anything, sometimes knowing how to score as a lefty and a righty can come in handy.