Watch the new, brilliant Stanley Cup commercial that is sure to give you goose bumps

The NHL is back with yet another amazing, chill-inducing Stanley Cup final commercial, this time based around the names engraved into the sport’s biggest prize. Like ‘History Will Be Made’ and ‘No Words,’ the new spot, titled ‘Name,’ will be one of the best things you’ve seen all year.

Remember the commercial series, ‘History Will Be Made,’ which took us back through the post-season’s greatest moments and wondered what would have happened had those moments not taken place? It was one of the NHL’s greatest campaigns and one that still holds up. In five years, we’ll likely be saying the same thing about the 2015 commercial, ‘Name.’

Voiced by Liev Schreiber, who famously lent his talents to HBO’s 24/7 series and appeared in the film Goon as Ross ‘The Boss’ Rhea, the commercial takes you on a minute-long journey through how players etch their name in history by getting it carved into the Stanley Cup. Check it out:

If you don’t get a slight shiver when Bobby Clarke is shown — along with the line, “it earns a reputation…” – you might want to check your pulse and consider contacting a physician.

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From Wayne Gretzky to Bobby Orr, some of the all-time greats are shown throughout the commercial, but one of the most fitting moments, especially in an advertisement centered around how a name can become more than just a name, comes when Stephane Matteau’s celebration following his series-winning overtime goal is shown with the faint play-by-play call of, “Matteau! Matteau! Matteau!” laid underneath.

From start to finish, the ad is at least on par with some of the best ‘History Will Be Made’ spots. That said, it’s going to take some magic to beat the ‘No Words’ commercial.