Watch this trailer for EA’s NHL 15 and get ready for bouncing, rolling pucks

Another trailer for NHL 15 was released Wednesday and it looks at the new physics in the game. These next-gen physics don’t just deal with the players, either: the puck rolls! What do you think of this week’s trailer.

Just last week, we looked at an NHL 15 trailer that showed off the “Next Generation Player” and how layers would be built into the creation of each individual. Before that, we got a trailer designed to show off the visuals of the game, which will be hockey’s first on the next-generation platforms of Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Now we catch a glimpse of the physics that will make up the NHL 15 world. Not only does this video explore the impact these physics will have on each individual player on or away from the puck, but it also looks at how the puck itself will react. Now it rolls!

Prepare to get incredibly frustrated when the rubber disc jumps over your stick and spoils your breakaway. (Although I thought the pucks already bounced in the corner of NHL 14.)

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Once again, the upgrades sound and look nice, but how do they play? On July 15, SI’s Dan Treadway wrote about his experience playing the beta version of the game (so this is still far from the finished product) and he loved every minute of it. Take that for what you will.

As much as I am looking forward to the new release, I’m eager to hear about the game play. Last week we talked about upgrades you’d like to see in NHL 15: what do you think of these physics?

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