Watch Tommy Wingels, Tomas Hertl play an adorable lip-reading game

Sharks forwards Tomas Hertl and Tommy Wingels have as much fun as five-year old kids trying to read each other’s lips wearing noise-blocking headphones.

Hockey culture doesn’t promote fun as much as the other major pro sports do, so when footage surfaces of NHLers showing their personalities, it’s a welcome treat.

The San Jose Sharks presented a video earlier this week of forwards Tomas Hertl and Tommy Wingels playing a fun game. They take turns wearing Plantronics noise-blocking headphones while trying to read lips as the other player says various words and expressions.

The result is a hilarious and often adorable exchange. Hertl steals the show with his child-like laughter and increasing volume while takes his turn with the headphones. Watch and enjoy:

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Good on the Sharks. There can never be enough of these types of videos.

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