Watch what you say

I have loved hockey since I was a little kid. However, there was no hockey where I grew up in the 70s.  There was hardly any TV coverage, no sports or hockey channels and no Internet.  So I had to quench my daily thirst for the game with boxscores and short game summaries in the newspaper.  

It’s easy to be critical of hockey coverage here in the States, but if you grew up with hardly any opportunity to watch the game you loved, it makes you appreciate what we now have available.  The truth is, Versus has made vast improvements to its coverage of hockey and provides hockey fans with a quality product.  Together with The NHL Network and FSN, fans now have the opportunity to get full coverage on a daily basis.  

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So my suggestion is that anyone who feels inclined to criticize the current hockey coverage, consider the prospect of no coverage at all.  It may give you a different perspective, and appreciation, for what’s now available to watch the best sport there is.

Brad Arnett, San Antonio, Texas