Wayne Simmonds “out for blood” against the Rangers. What is hockey’s greatest rivalry?

What do you think are the greatest rivalries in hockey, now and all-time? The Flyers’ Wayne Simmonds promises that when his club faces off against the Rangers, they’ll be out for blood.

Wayne Simmonds stoked the fire that burns between his Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers when he was quoted, on Twitter, wearing his heart on his sleeve:
Simmonds Awe. Some. We hockey fans are a bloodthirsty lot. Yes, even the pacifists, and don’t let them tell you any differently.

We don’t want to see anyone get injured (well, most of us don’t), but we do want the arch-enemy to suffer. And the more painful their losses, the better. It makes victory that much sweeter. We thrive on just as much on hate as we do desire. That was the premise we used when piecing together a commemorative edition called “Hockey’s Greatest Rivalries”. It’s available to subscribers and on newsstand in the next couple weeks. We identified 46 of the most intense, nasty and bitter battles of all time, though we could have easily doubled it if given unlimited space. There are: player rivalries (Howe vs. Richard; Sid vs. Ovie; Probert vs. Domi);  individuals pitted against cities (Lucic vs. Montreal; Yashin vs. Ottawa; Wirtz vs. Chicago fans); and team rivalries (Colorado vs. Detroit; Canada vs. Russia; Boston College vs. Boston University). What we didn’t do was rank them. THN’s Adam Proteau gave
his take recently, but what do you think? What’s been the most heated hate you’ve ever witnessed in the game?

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