West is best, no doubt

Josh Barr, Flin Flon, Man.

I enjoyed Ken Campbell’s Overtime column from the Nov. 22 issue on how the West’s teams dominate the East’s teams.

A prime example of this would be the two “studs” from Florida who came over to the West not too long ago.

Olli Jokinen and Jay Bouwmeester were the two players that I had in my head during this entire read. Both players had fantastic showings of individual talent while on Florida, but as soon as they come over to the bigs where it takes teamwork and a whole lot more grit, they can’t seem to handle the pressure.

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Granted, they both came from the disgraceful/embarassing/pathetic/mundane/joke division the league knows as the Southeast, but they are still a prime example of those “great individual performers” who have shown that the West is no walk through the park.