What are these referees calling?

I recall reading in one recent THN issue about how HNIC’s Ron MacLean should stop “whining” about the officiating in NHL games. 

Well, having now attended half of the Devils’ home schedule while also being subscribers to Centre Ice, my friends and I are befuddled by the phantom penalty calls, the obvious fouls that everyone sees that are not called, the good hockey plays that somewhere along the line became penalties (see Brian Gionta’s shoulder to shoulder check in the game against Pittsburgh that became a boarding call), not to mention the wildly inconsistent judgment on icings.

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We’re not sure what the rules are anymore.

Keep on whining, Mr. MacLean. Maybe with someone of your stature on the case, eventually something will get done. 

Some of these zebras are truly awful.
John Neumann, Oyster Bay, N.Y.