What can you find in this 26-billion-pixel photo from Game 6 of the final?

A photo of the entire United Center crowd, with amazing zoom capability, was taken at Game 6 of the final. You can search the image for hours finding fun stuff.

Oh, the power of technology. From the files of “how cool is this?” comes a 26-billion-pixel photo taken at Game 6 of the Stanley Cup final Monday night. So what do 26 billion pixels get you? The ability to zoom in on virtually every person and thing in the United Center. If you went to the game, you can find yourself. You can explore the whole thing for hours thanks to a cool tool set up by and Blakeway Panoramas.
Check it out right here. The site lets you tag friends (or yourself) and sets up a “Stanley Cup hunt,” burying the Holy Grail somewhere in the photo. The closer you get to finding it, the more the crowd cheers. It feels a lot like a
Where’s Waldo? photo, doesn’t it? In honor of that, I dare you to find the following in the photo:

1. Screaming Joel Quenneville 2. Lady in a large, tall chef hat in the middle of a clap 3. A beared guy who looks like
Michael McDonald 4. A man wearing a Niklas Hjalmarsson jersey who looks like Walter White on steroids 5. A Tony Amonte jersey 6. The spot where the photo was taken, with happy people staring down the lens at point-blank range 7. A Tampa Bay Lightning jersey (seriously, I couldn’t fine one) 8. A man in one of those split-down-the-middle home and away Hawks jerseys. Euw 9. Glenn Healy and Pierre McGuire 10. Steve Yzerman If you find any more fun things in the photo, share them in the comments section.
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