What’s Mark Messier doing on the ice? And who are those rich, dorky kids with him?

If you’re interested in taking in the Rangers’ quest for their first Stanley Cup in 20 years, you might want to contact this company who will do just about anything possible to make your dream come true. But it will cost you – big time.

Diehard New York Rangers fans, you can have your dream come true – for a steep price.

A company called Goviva have been making sports dreams come true for 20 years. It’ll cost you five figures, six in some cases.

Robert Tuchman’s Goviva company says it will cost at least $15,000 per person for a fan to attend Stanley Cup final games in New York and receive other perks, such as hang out with some members of the 1994 Cup-champion Rangers team.

Extras, as you’ll see in this video from Bloomberg TV, will cost you more.

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Want to skate with Mark Messier? Cha-ching. Ride on the Zamboni between periods? Peel off a few more hundred dollar bills. Ride to the game with Henrik Lundqvist? Ah, no.

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