Where’s Aurie’s No. 6?

Because we are currently immersed in all things Red Wings – including their storied history – it seems the perfect opportunity to solve a nagging Wings mystery.

Larry Aurie spent his entire career with the Wings. His No. 6 was the first they retired. He had a banner at Olympia. Inexplicably, there was no banner for Mr. Aurie when Joe Louis Arena opened.

No. 6 was a retired number until 2000 (despite not having a banner affirming that). His number was “un-retired” but remains “out of circulation,” which begs the question: Why rescind the honor, if the number will not be used anyway?

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This seems unbelievably disrespectful for an organization that prides itself on class. To add insult to injury, no one will address this in any way.

What could Mr. Aurie have possibly done to warrant what has become senseless silence? The fact no one will talk impugns Mr. Aurie’s reputation by inference.

It’s time to explain.

Debra Wells, St. Clair Beach, Ont.