Where’s Bruce?

Joe McDonald, Willow Street, Pa.

Your Dec. 28, 2009 issue included the listing of “People of Power and Influence,” which was a very interesting read. 

In my opinion, a major slight was given to Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau. Here is a gentleman who has taken a franchise that was having major problems and has given its fans a Stanley Cup-contending team.

Coach Boudreau was a Calder Cup-winning coach in Hershey and will be a Stanley Cup-winning coach in Washington. 

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While I am in total agreement with the selection of Dan Bylsma being in the “100 POP,” everything that was written about Mr. Bylsma can be said about Boudreau with the exception of the last two words in the write-up. And it won’t be long before we will be making that comment about Boudreau, too.