Where’s the logic?

Allan Suchinsky, Kensington, Md.

Another horrific and costly incident demonstrates the continuing lack of logic in how the NHL polices itself.

In Game 2 of the Sabres-Bruins series, Johnny Boychuk slashes Thomas Vanek, the Sabres leading scorer, twice on the knee and drives him into the boards.  Vanek appears seriously injured and misses the remainder of the game, if not a significant portion of the playoffs. 

It costs Boychuk nothing more than two minutes in the box, while the Sabres, emotionally down and clearly disorganized, lose their 2-0 lead and the game.  If Vanek had merely been cut, and able to return to action, the penalty would have been four minutes. 

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Where’s the logic?

Flagrant fouls, as the NBA calls them, with clear intent to injure, should cost perpetrators more than a token or even a misconduct penalty.  The only time this occurs in the NHL is when someone almost gets killed and the incident receives a lot of publicity.

The NHL is a great league.  Those running it, however, need to open their eyes.