Which NHL team is the king of Twitter? Hint: they lose a lot

Despite decades of losing, the Toronto Maple Leafs continue to be the top performing NHL franchise in terms of dollars and popularity. Today, it was announced by Twitter they are the most-followed NHL team.

We’ll let some marketing genius or anthropological intellectual explain to us the phenomenon that is the Toronto Maple Leafs. But somehow, a business that has consistently produced an inferior product for the better part of four decades, continues to succeed wildly at the cash register and in popularity polls. The Leafs are the No. 1 NHL outfit in terms of
franchise value as calculated by Forbes, they have the NHL’s highest ticket prices (
average of $373 at resale), and it was announced by Twitter on the opening day of the 2014-15 season they rank first in number of followers on the social media platform.

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The Leafs have 652K zealots monitoring their account, followed by Chicago (647K), Montreal (635K), Boston (610K), Pittsburgh (557K) and Vancouver (553K).
NHL_teams_mostfollowed On the players’ side, Alex Ovechkin is clobbering the pack with 881K followers. Trailing @ovi8 are Patrick Kane (557K), Evgeni Malkin (547K), P.K. Subban (466K), Henrik Lundqvist (397K) and Steven Stamkos (331K).
NHL_players_mostfollowed Of note, not all NHL players have Twitter accounts (say it ain’t so, Sid), while Paul (@BizNasty2point0) would rank No. 2 at 580K if he had an NHL team.