Why must you blackout playoff games, Mr. Snider?

Dear Mr. Snider and Comcast associates: Thanks so much for a comprehensive Flyers playoff schedule on Versus and NBC I will not be able to watch, since my rural area is not served by cable for less than a setup cost of $2600 per household. Satellite dish is our only option.

Can you please explain to me what the point is of blacking out playoff games on Versus?

I can understand your cable-proprietary wish to stick it to dish customers during the season, but can you not extend some consideration to diehard Flyers fans during the most important time of the year?

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Your playoff games will be sold out, your cable advertisers will reach their promised demographic, and I am stuck driving 45 minutes to grub a game at a friend’s house or huddle around the radio for three hours.

Oh joy.

So much for goodwill and growing the game.

Carolyn Greene, Zionsville, Pa.