Why no Feaster in Toronto?

Why has nobody suggested the obvious? There is a GM candidate with a recent Stanley Cup ring, a man who has a good reputation among the hockey establishment and who built his own Cup winner. Yet nobody has suggested Jay Feaster should be considered for the position of GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Why wait for Brian Burke, whose Stanley Cup winner was largely a result of the work of Bryan Murray, when Jay Feaster is available?

He is a proven winner, which is what the hockey-illiterate Richard Peddie has stated as one of his most important criteria, but Feaster has been available for a while now and I have not seen or heard any news of the Leafs looking at him as a possibility.

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Perhaps the organization will simply muddle through the next few years waiting for Brian Burke – and his hatred of Kevin Lowe for playing within the rules – to come to Toronto.

In a town that already has enough baggage, Feaster and his understated personality seem like a good fit.

Trevor Jones, London, Ont.