Will neon green be used on NHL All-Star Game jerseys this season?

A Reebok NHL apparel catalog became available online and in it, you can see all sorts of neon in the all-star section. It’s on hats, toques and a couple of logos. Will it be on the jerseys, too?

If you care to watch the NHL All-Star Game – and if you do, you probably have kids – you’ll know the league hasn’t used black vs. white jerseys in a long time. They’ve gone with red, white and blue combinations, they’ve tried green and purple. But neon green? That one would be new. Lo and behold, that may be the direction the NHL goes in its 2015 All-Star Game in Columbus. A Reebok catalog that became
accessible online shows all kinds of apparel from all 30 NHL teams. Then, on Page 94, it starts into all-star paraphernalia. And that’s when we start seeing an awful lot of hints that black and bright, bright green will be a big part of the event. First clue: take note of the picture above. The Columbus All-Star Game logo features the team’s colors, but above that we see a “00” that looks like numbers on the back of a jersey. The numbers are black, with a neon green outline. Hmmmmm. Second clue: this logo that appears on Page 107 of the catalog.

In fact, the black and neon green colors are seen throughout the all-star section of Reebok’s catalog. On Page 94 it shows a jersey without any designs on it, but the “Men’s Jersey’s” bar is colored with neon green. Below the jersey are the labels “HA1-WHITE” and “HA2-BLACK” suggesting that the two sides will wear those colors.
allstarsjerseys And that’s not all. Scroll down a little further and you’ll see the NHL shield in front of a neon green background, a second (and third) black-and-neon-green All-Star Game logo, plus hats and toques with the color scheme. In the descriptions for the black and neon headwear you’ll see the words “Uniform hook,” which is absent from the blue headgear writeups.
allstartoques Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. It looks likely, even probable, the NHL is radically changing up its all-star look for the first showcase it’s had since 2012. If this is the way the league will go, what do you think of the black and neon green color schemes for all-star weekend? We know the league has been obsessed with
attempting bright, non-traditional colors before. Check out the
post from Icethetics for more.
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