Will Price still be golden boy after novelty fades?

In my opinion, it is only a matter of time before the Habs pay the price for Carey Price.

It has become clear the 20-year-old needs to perform under tight scrutiny and with a great deal of pressure thrust upon him. Take for example, the World Junior Championship, the AHL playoffs and today being the NHL’s most storied franchise’s next Roy or Dryden.

Already the kid has been compared to the legends before him, but what I don’t understand is what happens when the pressure comes off? What happens to Price when people finally say, “Hey, you know? He is a legendary goalie after all!”

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Would Price still be as cool as a cucumber and play like he’s been playing?

Montreal would be a perfect place to play his entire career because the city won’t stop when it comes to the Canadiens and the gossip that surrounds them, but I fear the day when the media stops criticizing and Price drops.

Sean Maxwell Garland, Montreal, Que.