Winning isn’t everything

In his article, Just Win, Baby (June 8, 2009), John Grigg contends that all a Southern U.S. franchise needs to do is contend for/win a Stanley Cup to be financially successful.

He also says that none of the financial problem children have any record of success. Indeed, with the exception of San Jose, all of the success stories in the south have won the Stanley Cup.

Nevertheless, two of those teams (Tampa Bay and Carolina) are already experiencing financial difficulties in spite of their recent championships.

And contrary to what Grigg says, the Nashville Predators finished with 106 and 110 points in the two seasons leading up to Craig Leipold’s sale of the team to Jim Balsillie, which was scuttled by Gary Bettman’s little Minnesota shell game.

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So, evidently being highly competitive is not enough; you have to win it all and frequently.

Any business plan where success is dependant on an event that will take place only once in 30 years on average is highly suspect to say the least.

Bart Wentink, Houston, Texas