Winnipeg Jets players talk about favorite music: lots of Frozen, not enough Springsteen

In a video from the Winnipeg Jets, Jacob Trouba asks his teammates what types of music they like most. There are a lot of mentions of Frozen, but why does everyone dislike “The Boss” so much?

In Episode 7 of the Winnipeg Jets’ “Pass the Mic” series, 20-year-old Jacob Trouba asked his teammates about their favorite music. My only question: why does everyone hate Bruce Springsteen?

The video is pretty funny at times, like whenever Trouba tries to get one of his teammates to sing. Mark Scheifele is pretty into it. But Ondrej Pavelec? “No. No. No.”

My favorite moment, though, is when Trouba asks Zach Bogosian which Luke Bryan song is his favorite and then asks Bogosian to “shake it for me.”

To which Bogosian reacts: “That’s a little creepy there Jacob.”

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Videos like these and TV series like NHL Revealed and 24/7 give us a closer look at the personalities and everyday lives of professional players than ever before. Sometimes they flop – and some will think this one was a flop – but more often than not they pull back the curtain in an entertaining way.

Anyway, it got me thinking about what I would play if I was in charge of music in an NHL dressing room. Well, it didn’t take much thought: I’d lean an awful lot on Led Zeppelin.

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