Wirtz Jr. doing good job for Hawks

After reading “100 People of Power and Influence”, I went back and reread the memorial tribute to Bill Wirtz (Oct 16, 2007).

I’m glad to see Bill’s son Rocky decided to become actively involved in Blackhawks management. The changes Rocky initiated have not only propelled him into a position of power in the hockey world, but more importantly, (along with exciting young players), have helped revive a moribund franchise.

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The NHL needs a strong team in Chicago. How ironic that Bill Wirtz was originally from Detroit, while James Norris Jr., whose family owned the Detroit Red Wings for fifty years, was from Chicago.

Each professed to have a special love for their teams, but with self-serving, out-dated thinking and actions, almost destroyed professional hockey in their respective cities.

John D. Gondol, Holly Lake Ranch, Texas