Women got game

Casey Diana, Framingham, Mass.

Hey Curtis Crawford, I’ve got a message for you after your letter in the Nov. 22 issue: Get a grip.

The men’s game is faster and more physical, I’ll give you that. Men’s bodies allow them to gain more muscle and simply be stronger. It’s a way of life, but to say that the talent pool from the women’s game is lacking? That’s ridiculous.

Stephanie O’Sullivan (former Team USA women’s player from Dorchester, Mass.) could dangle around half the NHL’s fourth-liners, maybe even some of the third-liners.

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Yeah, they’re fourth-liners, but their NHLers all the same. Your lack of knowledge on the women’s game paired with your ignorance is really something to laugh about.

Next time you open your mouth, make sure you know what you’re talking about, because when it comes to women’s hockey, you certainly do not.