Women’s hockey fight: Monique Lamoureux vs. Jamie Lee Rattray

Two international stars (one American, one Canadian, naturally) got into it during a Canadian Women’s League game on Sunday, chucking fists during Boston’s 8-0 blowout of Brampton. Fight! Fight! Fight!

The rivalry between Team USA and Team Canada is toxic in women’s hockey despite the fact some of these players are on the same squads in the Canadian Women’s League. So it seems rather appropriate that when a fight broke out in Sunday’s game between Boston and Brampton, the two combatants came from opposite ends of the 49th parallel.

Watch as Boston’s Monique Lamoureux (white jersey) and Brampton’s Jamie Lee Rattray throw down:

These aren’t two goons here: Lamoureux is a two-time Olympic silver medallist for Team USA and three-time gold-medal winner at the worlds, being named best forward of the tournament in 2011. She and twin sister Jocelyne were also offensive terrors at the University of North Dakota.

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Rattray helped Canada win gold at the under-18s in 2010 and capped off an outstanding college career by steering Clarkson to the school’s first-ever NCAA title in 2014. She also picked up the Patty Kazmaier Award for her troubles, as the best women’s player on the college circuit.

Both players were assessed roughing majors and misconducts for the dust-up, which happened in the third period of an 8-0 Boston blowout.

(Vine by Meg Linehan @itsmeglinehan)