You can buy the Madison Square Garden rink that the Rangers won the 1994 Stanley Cup on

Literally. Goldin Auctions is taking bids on Monday for the whole thing: dasher boards, glass, benches and more. Famous Rangers have signed the pieces and it even comes with instructions, just in case you want to recreate the triumph in your backyard.

Are you a New York Rangers fan? No, no – are you a
serious New York Rangers fan? Well, Goldin Auctions has an offer for you. On Monday, the bidding will start on a new lot that is accurately described as “The Complete 1991-2013 New York Rangers hockey rink from Madison Square Garden (used during 1994 Stanley Cup Championship).” And they’re not kidding. Here’s what you get:

Dasher boards, glass,
replacement panels of glass, a complete set of steel ice dams, benches, nets and even storage carts. Rangers legends such as Mark Messier, Brian Leetch and Mike Richter are among the players who have signed some of the items and the purchase agreements are also included. For extra fun, even the original schematics for the set are included, so hypothetically, you could set up the rink in your backyard and recreate “
Matteau! Matteau! Matteau!” whenever you felt like it (Stephane Matteau’s signature can also be found on one of the pieces). So how much will this set you back? The opening bid is $50,000, so start digging through your coach cushions now. The full preview listing is
here at Goldin Auctions and here are some photos of the lot:

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