You can own a goalie mask covered in jewels for $12,500

Have you ever wanted to own a diamond-encrusted, gold-plated goalie mask? Of course you have. And now you can own one out of Armori Steele’s special collection for $12,500, or create your own project starting at $7,000.

Have you ever really looked at
Henrik Lundqvist’s goalie mask? It’s a pretty sharp one. The blue pops, the Statue of Liberty is present and it gives a
shout out to his Frolunda days with the lightning bolts. But he’s The King and this is missing…something. And now we know what it is. Thanks
Armori Steele! The Montreal-based company is delving into the luxury goalie mask market (which I never even knew existed!), so now you too can own a diamond-encrusted, gold-plated hockey treasure. Here’s more info from the website:
“Employing meticulously handpicked diamonds, 24 karat pure gold, precious gemstones and authentic Swarovski crystals, each hockey helmet is hand painted and handcrafted in Montreal. Every masterpiece is immaculate and unparalleled.
Reminiscent of an emperor’s armor, refined finesse meets brute force. For the triumphant individual who seeks the highest level of distinction, we proudly present to you ARMORI STEELE: The world’s most luxurious goalie mask collection.” But the emotional words don’t do this incredibly intense video justice:

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Awesome! You can begin your personalized project starting at $7,000 or you can purchase from the Prestige Collection, made up of a Canadian and American luxury mask inspired by the Olympics.
The Redness of Pride and
The American Glory (which actually look pretty cool) go for $12,500 each.

A diamond is forever. Or at least until it meets a Shea Weber slap shot. Obviously, these masks are for display, not play, purposes and, Armori Steele says, are “a perfect way to crown a promotion, an engagement, or an anniversary.” That’s because it is a crown. Maybe I’m out of touch with the people’s needs on this one, but…

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