Youppi! makes good on bet, wears Rangers jersey around Montreal

When the Montreal Canadiens were eliminated by the New York Rangers, their mascot Youppi! lost a bet with Jimmy Fallon. So Sunday, Youppi! made good and wore a Rangers jersey around Montreal. Here is the sad, sad video.

In case you missed it, Montreal Canadiens mascot Youppi! lost a bet with late-night host Jimmy Fallon when the New York Rangers eliminated the Habs in the Eastern Conference final. As punishment, Youppi! had to don a Rangers jersey and take 10 photos of him wearing it at various Montreal landmarks. And while you can go to the Canadiens website to see the
10 photos from Sunday here, the team went the extra mile and posted a sad, sad video of sport’s favorite mascot moping around the city in Ranger Blue.

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Had Montreal won the series, Fallon would have had to wear a Canadiens jersey during one of his opening monologues. Alas, it’s going to be a long off-season for Youppi!, who we all love a little more after this.
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