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Ask Adam - Oct. 6

Other than innocent pleas from Nigerian war generals looking for someone to share $14 million with, and pharmaceuticals intended to help men, er, grow, our e-mail is mostly comprised of questions from readers. Some are friendlier than others, while others are less borderline-psychotic than some.

With the Ask Adam feature, we hope to show how smart, angry and funny readers can be. Of course, we hope to try and provide answers, too.

Hey Adam,

I was just wondering whom you think the top two centers on the Oilers will be this year? Is it going to be Horcoff centering Hemsky's line, or will it be Sykora?


- Ryley Good


To start the season, it looks like Craig MacTavish is going to pair up the Czechs (Sykora and Hemsky) on the second line with Raffi Torres and put Horcoff on the top line between Ryan Smyth and Joffrey Lupul.

But I don't think those lines are set in stone for the entire season, as MacTavish proved last year he wasn't afraid to experiment if things weren't going right. Just ask ex-Oilers goalie Ty Conklin, who played an entire regulation game plus five minutes of overtime against Dallas last year before MacTavish pulled him for the shootout. That's still a head-scratcher.

How on earth does (The Hockey News) not put Cam Ward on its list of Top 20 Goalies? I guess winning the Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe are not enough to make it past a couple of goalies who won't even start!

- Matthew Towe


It's not that we didn't think Ward is good, but rather, that he remains unproven at an elite level over the course of an 82-game season. If you recall, Ward rode the pine for much of the year – not by any fault of his own, but because Martin Gerber earned the No. 1 role.

Besides, great goaltending can be as fleeting as the blink of an eye. For every Martin Brodeur, there are 10 Steve Penneys.

I was wondering what the general consensus is of what's happening in New Jersey these days. With the Devils first purchasing Lowell in the AHL and now owning a majority share of the Trenton Titans (ECHL), it is beginning to look like the Devils are not only pushing forward, but digging deeper to build the type of players designed specifically for (but not limited to) their system. Lamoriello has got to be the best GM in the league, and I think the Devils may be onto something big. What's next, the Devs purchase a Russian Superleague team? Talk about an extended family. Watch out Tony Soprano, here comes Lou.

- Mike Rivera


I like the comparison, although I'd be nervous if Paulie Walnuts and Little Steven Van Zandt start traveling with the team.

Lamoriello runs the Devils' ship like a college program, and gives his players freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior responsibilities within the team's system. It looks like he's extending the philosophy to the surrounding community colleges, and that looks like another smart move from a man who's made a career of them.

You have displayed the typical eastern American ignorance of Hockey again. Edmonton in 12th behind Columbus, Phoenix just to mention a few. What an ignorant idiot you are. You sound like you have never played hockey before at any significant level. Either that or you are so biased by your limited hockey knowledge, that you could not pick the winner in a one horse race. I even bet you picked Detroit last year in 4 or 5 against Edmonton. Those of us that have played the game and studied and followed it all our lives knew that Detroit played second-rate competition all year and was in no way ready to face REAL competition when they entered the playoffs. My prediction was that Detroit would win one game, maybe two if they were lucky. Gee, I wonder who was closer to the actual result??? I also predicted seven games for the final, and possibly overtime in the 7th. Gee, I bet you didn't predict that!!! I kept with my prediction even when Rollie went down. I bet you didn't. You're a pathetic excuse for a supposed hockey expert. Expert my ass!!!! You have not got a clue about hockey unless it's a team south of the 45th parallel, and east of Utah. Like I said, typical Ignorant overrated American sports reporter. You think because you know football, basketball or baseball that it makes you an expert at hockey. Go cover some sport that you can at least sound half intelligent at like WNBA.

- Joseph Kasper


Um…thanks for the question. The answer to it – I predicted Detroit to beat Edmonton in the first round. Meaning I predicted them to win four games. If you picked them to win two games, you win. Enjoy the gloating.

P.S. – The Hockey News is situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. And I'm Canadian. Sorry to disappoint you.

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