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Brian Boyle

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: New York Rangers forward.

Ht: 6-foot-7 Wt: 252 pounds

DOB: Dec. 18, 1984 In: Hingham, Mass.

Hockey Inspirations: "My dad taught me everything I knew. At a certain point, I really started to love the game. Probably watching a lot of Bruins games, I really like watching Cam Neely, Ray Bourque and Andy Moog. Those guys were awesome, growing up for me."

Nicknames: "All last name ones, like Boyler, Boylesy, Boyles. Boise, I heard. Big Reg. T-Bone. The trainers thought I was nicknaming myself. There's a Seinfeld episode where George wanted to nickname himself and tried to get people to call him T-Bone. So they started calling me T-Bone."

First Hockey Memory: "I was playing first in an instructional league. My coach told me to play defense and he told me to stay on the blueline. It was buzzer hockey so pretty much the first two minutes of the game I was on the ice, I didn't move. Stood right there on the blueline. My dad was yelling at me. I was yelling right back, ‘Coach told me to stay here.’"

Favorite Movies: "I love Grease actually. Departed was good. 300. Definitely a bunch of Will Ferrell movies. Wedding Crashers and Step Brother."

Last Book Read: "It was Artie Lange's book Too Fat To Fish."

Favorite TV Shows: "Friends and Entourage."

Musical Tastes: "I love all music. Dave Matthews Band. I love a lot of country. Eric Church is one of my favorites, too."

Current Car: "Chevy Tahoe."

First Job: "Rec camp counselor. I worked street hockey. Just rollerbladed around while kids played."

Favorite Meal: "I love steak and potatoes and I also love pizza, too."

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: "Chocolate chip at Brigham's."

Greatest Sports Moment: "Hopefully it hasn't happened yet, you know. But so far I think it's making the NHL and scoring a goal in my first NHL game against Brodeur."

Most Painful Moment: "In college, two years in a row we lost the national championship game (with Boston College). It's tough going all that way, to lose like that, it's tough."

Closest Hockey Friends: "My college buddies. Teddy Purcell. If I name them all it will take a while."

Funniest Players Encountered: "Teddy Purcell. He's from Newfoundland. Enver Lisin was one of the funniest guys I've seen, his demeanor, the way he talks."

Boyle's New Approach For 2010-11: "I can't do what I did last year and try to make the team. I have to take another step. The physical stuff is just a mentality. I have to make a conscious effort to do it consistently. Every time I have a chance to run someone over, I have to do it."

Funny Memory: "Actually, I was in college during the lockout. Brooks Orpik was working out at BC. He's working out and we go on a road trip. My hockey bag's feeling really heavy the whole time. We carry our own stuff, obviously. I open it up and there's a 12-pound medicine ball that he put in there. I carried it the whole way, thinking my bag was heavy. Kept going with it, that was pretty funny."

Strangest Game: "There was a fog game at Albany when I was playing with Manchester in the American League. Fog everywhere. But we didn't cancel, we played the game. And a guy scored from the red line on a dump because the goalie didn't know where the puck was. We ended up losing 4-1, that was our only goal."

Most Memorable Goal: "Either that one on Brodeur, that first night I played. The second night I played was actually at The (Madison Square) Garden, just pretty electric. Put one past ‘Hank.’ I told him about it a couple times, but I don't think he remembers. I was playing for L.A. First night I played was against Brodeur and the second night was against ‘Hank.’"

Embarrassing Hockey Memory: "One of my first games in the American League, I got jumped pretty good. It's on Youtube. It looks like I'm really getting beat up pretty good. But I'm actually just kind of dodging punches. That was pretty embarrassing. (Who did it?) Brennan Evans grabbed me kind of from behind. He got instigator and kicked out. I got suspended, too. But it was bad."

People Qualities Most Admired:
"Just honesty and selflessness. People who are willing to give. And be honest with themselves and everybody else. You work and you get back what you put into things. I believe in that. If you're a good person and you do right by people, things will come back to you pretty positively.”

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