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Bryan Murray

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: Ottawa Senators GM

DOB: December 5, 1942 In: Shawville, Que.

Hockey Inspirations: "Gordie Howe probably as much as anybody. Frank Mahovlich a little later on. Bobby Orr, obviously, had to be a guy you followed."

Hobbies/Leisure Activities: "Bit of a boater. I like to fish. I play golf occasionally, but very occasionally. I'm not very good at it as a result."

Favorite Movies
: "I don't even know that I've seen one in a couple of years, so I couldn't even suggest one."

Last Book Read: "Oh boy, what am I reading now...James Michener is the main author I've read over the years."

Favorite TV Shows:
"CSI is one; Without A Trace."

Musical Tastes:
"Mainly country."

First Hockey Memory:
"Oh wow. Probably the biggest one I was 12 years of age. I got a chance to go to the Montreal Forum to see an NHL game for the first time and that still sticks with me. (What do you remember?) Just how fast the guys were, how big the crowd was and how far up I was in the stands."

First Job:
"School teacher (gym teacher in Shawville). Well, first job, I poured cement as a young student and piled wood, and did all the things you had to do as a small-town guy trying to make some money."

Greatest Career Moment:
"Wow. Maybe the one I remember with great fondness was Dale Hunter scoring against Ron Hextall in overtime to beat the Flyers in Game 7 (1988)."

Most Painful Moment:
"Probably losing Game 7 to the Devils when I was with Anaheim (2003)."

Childhood Dream
: "I think a school teacher. From the time I was a real youngster I thought that was sort of my ambition."

Funny Hockey Memory:
"Probably Archie Henderson talking on the bench when I was coaching (in Hershey) in the American Hockey League. (What was he saying?) Just...he was a tough guy and he had a friend on the other team and going back and forth, fighting the guy, but commentating afterwards."

Favorite Players To Watch: "Oh there are so many great players. I've been fortunate over the years - Scott Stevens and Yzerman and Fedorov. You can go down the list of guys - Alfredsson now for our team is a great player. Obviously Crosby, Ovechkin, there are so many, I think, so many great players in our game right now."

Closest Hockey Friends:
"Again, the same thing, there's so many guys over the years that I've worked with, worked for. To name one would be difficult."

Toughest Competitors:
"In the days gone by, guys like Rick Tocchet and Dave Brown for the Flyers. Real toughness. Randy Holt was a real tough guy who played for me many years back. Rod Langway. Scott Stevens - a great, great tough competitor. But they handled themselves on the ice and they were very good players."

Favorite Arena:
"I probably had the most success in the old Boston Garden."

Favorite Uniforms:
"Oh, I think Montreal, certainly Chicago. Without a doubt, two of my favorites."

Last Vacation:
"Actually I had 10 days this summer in Colorado. My daughters live in Boulder, Colo. So, there, and I went to Glenwood Springs. Kind of a resort area. Kind of a good break."

Favorite Meal:
"I don't know. I just like food.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:

People Qualities Most Admired:
"People you can trust. People who have character. People who, when they give you their word, you know they mean it. It doesn't have to be a signed document. It's something we can agree on, whether it be in hockey or otherwise."

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