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Campbell's Cuts: Murray helping to fix broken Blues

DALLAS - St. Louis Blues president John Davidson has nothing but glowing things to say about his newest acquisition in coach Andy Murray, and it's not only because Murray has single-handedly revived the Blues from the dead and helped them into the realm of respectability.

“The first day he came into the office, he went into the sales department and offered his services and you don't see that too often from a coach,” Davidson said. “He told our sales people, ‘If you have clients you want me to meet, I'd be happy to take them to lunch or do anything I can to help with them.' ”

Davidson said Murray has made more of an effort to get to know the players both professionally and personally. “He's demanding without being demeaning,” Davidson said. “That's one of his sayings, but it's accurate.”

But the Blues still have an enormous amount of work to do to recapture the imaginations of a fan base that has grown very cynical about the team. The Blues have pretty much gone into the dumper on the ice in recent years and Davidson acknowledges the franchise has to do a much better job of winning them back.

“We lost our connection with our fans on almost every level…it was awful,” Davidson said. “These people have been kicked around pretty hard. That's why our players are going out into the community. Dan Hinote goes to hospitals and buys kids laptops on his own.”

DALLAS WINDS BLOW LONG: The board of governors meeting Tuesday was dominated by debate about the schedule. It seems odd that a board could meet for almost four hours and discuss only one matter.

“Somebody starts pontificating and it ends up going pretty quickly,” said Nashville Predators owner Craig Leipold.

Leipold reiterated his need for the corporate community in Nashville to support the team, but said the team is not considering anything drastic yet.

“There are no threats out there,” Leipold said. “We're not looking to move at all. That's not on our radar screen.”

DENTAL WORK: Great billboard promoting the All-Star Game in Dallas. “Kids, bring your gloves,” the sign says. “You might catch a tooth.”

CIRCULATION AND INCARCERATION: Dallas is a lousy city to go for a run, at least around the downtown area.

No sidewalks, endless industrial areas and a fair amount of urban decay. Lots of stray dogs running around, too.

On the upside, it's an opportune place to get thrown in jail. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a bail bonds placeÂ…

Don't know who Lew Sterrett is, but he has a jail named after him in Dallas. Now, that's a legacy.


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