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Campbell's Cuts: YoungStars game 'an absolute farce'

DALLAS - The All-Star Game, while registering the customary zero hits as usual, was at least moderately competitive. The same couldn't be said for the YoungStars game Tuesday night where the league's young stars were embarrassing in their cavalier approach to the game.

“It's an absolute farce and we have to blow it up,” said one NHL executive. “That was dismal. The best young guys in the league are already playing in the All-Star Game, so we don't even need that game anymore.”

Evgeni Malkin might be the best rookie this season, but his level of effort in the game bordered on non-existent. He certainly wasn't in a minority in that respect, but he was in that he was the only player in the game to be outscored by Kari Lehtonen and Peter Budaj.

In case you weren't aware, those guys were the goalies.

FAST TIMES: Lindy Ruff, who coached the Eastern Conference team was asked whether his heart skipped a beat when he learned that defenseman Brian Campbell was one of a handful of players who drove NASCAR Tuesday at the Texas Motor Speedway.

Campbell was clocked with the fastest time, which was 165 miles per hour.

“It was a unique opportunity for him and if I had been given the same opportunity, I probably would have done it, too,” Ruff said. “I guess you could say he was living life in the fast lane for a while.”

NO FOOLING THIS GUY: Brian Rolston of the Western Conference made this keen observation about his opponents: “They have a lot of all-stars over there,” he said.

I DIDN'T MEAN ITÂ…HONEST: Jason Blake, who speared Sidney Crosby in the ribs in the final game before the All-Star Game, made a feeble attempt to defend his actions.

“I didn't try to hit him in the ribs at all,” Blake said. “I was trying to hit him in the arm and he lifted it and I got him in the ribs. I'm not a dirty player.”

Oh, we get it now. You were actually trying to break his arms and not his ribs. Oh well, that makes everything all right then.


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