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Celebrity overtime: Five questions with Hercules portrayer Kevin Sorbo

In this week's celeb Q&A: Kevin Sorbo, who portrayed the great Greek god, Hercules. Now back to star in the new hit show Heartbreakers on Investigation Discovery, Sorbo talks about why the North Stars broke his heart and tells a story about a memorable Los Angeles Kings game.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Stars like hockey too, and everyone once in a while they’re more interested in chatting up last night’s game than they are in pontificating about their latest TV or film projects. In our weekly “Celebrity Overtime” feature, we take five minutes with various celebrities to discuss their love of the good old-fashioned game.

Kevin Sorbo is a well-travelled guy; he’s been in a handful of sitcoms like Dharma & Greg and Just Shoot Me, made the soapy teen rounds on The O.C., and did the sci-fi circuit with Andromeda. Aside from a dozen upcoming film roles, Sorbo’s latest TV venture is the “Charming Bigamist” character in Investigation Discovery’s Heartbreakers. The mini-series reunited “Hollywood Hunks” of the ‘80s and ‘90s like Rob Estes and Jack Wagner to play good-looking dudes in real life who turned slightly … murderous.

Of course to most of us, Sorbo will always be the one and only Herc thanks to his role on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Turns out, hockey was a part of his workout to get the Greek hero physique in his younger days.

Q: We understand you used to play hockey.

A: Yeah, at the varsity level, but I also played basketball and eventually I had to pick. So, I picked basketball because I hate cold weather. Now I haven’t played in years.

Q: Since you’re originally from Minnesota, is it safe to say you’re a Wilds fan?

A: Oh heck yeah. I’m still a Minnesota guy through and throughout and I’m a big Wild fan. I was also completely bummed out when my North Stars moved to Dallas and a few years later they won the Cup. I was so upset about that. But I grew up with the Minnesota North Stars, certainly, but I still follow the Vikings and the Wild. The hockey arena there is beautiful.

Q: Could you pick a favourite player?

A: I gotta go back to my days as a kid growing up, and back then and I guess to me still, the best player was still Lou Nanne, a Canadian guy. And Brett Hull is a very good buddy of mine as well, so I should probably at least mention him.

Q: Now that you live in L.A. are the Kings your backup team?

A: Oh yeah. I go to games. I was pumped last year because I got to go to three of the playoff games, which was fun.

Q: Who do you typically go to games with?

A: I take my boys. My 12-year-old loves it. When I first moved out here nobody went to the Kings games. When they got Gretzky it was the smartest thing they’d ever done because it filled the place up and it was always busy. But when I first went, there were maybe 6,000 people there. Back then, I took a buddy of mine who had never been to a hockey game and I was explaining the rules to him and everything. It was one of those unbelievable, crazy games, back in the late ‘80s when they still used to fight a lot. Three fights, 13 goals. 8-5. It was like an insane game. I said, ‘Wait, it’s not always like this! You get a lot of 4-2 or 5-3 games, or it can be more like soccer, where games are 2-1.’ Unless it was the Germany semi-final in that World Cup. Now that was unbelievable!

Amber Dowling is a freelance lifestyle/entertainment writer, yoga and wine enthusiast and all-around player of sports. She currently serves as the vice-president of the Television Critics Association and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows across North America. An advocate for Canadian Television and a lover of the medium in general, Amber founded as a spot for fellow enthusiasts to connect and collaborate. She previously spent almost eight years as the EIC for TV Guide Canada.


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