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Celebrity Overtime: Five questions with Ice Pilot Mikey McBryan

In this week’s celeb Q&A: Ice Pilot, Mikey McBryan. Mikey is a lover of all things Stanley Cup and his fandom followed Patrick Roy. But now he says he's a free agent, but his heart may be leaning toward the Ottawa Senators.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Stars (even reality stars) like hockey too, and everyone once in a while they’re more interested in chatting up last night’s game than they are in pontificating about their latest TV or film projects. In our weekly “Celebrity Overtime” feature, we take five minutes with various celebrities to discuss their love of the good old-fashioned game.

Mikey McBryan is best known as the general manager of Buffalo Airways, the Hay River, NWT airline that’s been featured on the Canadian series for the past six seasons. But when the personality isn’t trying to avoid emergency landings or coming up with cool Buffalo Airways swag to give fans, he’s all about the Stanley Cup—no matter what team wins it.

Q: We understand you’re just a lover of the Cup itself?

A: I’m the hugest Stanley Cup fan. I love that thing more than anything in the world. In fact, I was in Calgary the other day and I was walking into the restaurant and this guy was like, ‘Mikey I love the Cup more than you!’ And I was like, ‘Do you want to fight right now?!?’

Q: That’s borderline obsessive! When did your Cup obsession start?

A: I’ll tell you—1993. When Montreal won the Stanley Cup I was eight and I made myself a little Stanley Cup out of an oil pail and my mom’s salad bowl in the kitchen. I just freaking thought Patrick Roy was the coolest person in the world. Ever since then I just fell in love with the Stanley Cup and the playoffs.

Q: Are the Canadiens still your team?

A: Well they used to be, and in 1996 when Roy went over to the Avalanche there, I moved over there. But right now I’m actually in between teams, so I’m taking auditions. I’ll have to go on and try to find one I guess!

Q: What are your qualifications?

A: Actually Ottawa has been really good. Going back to Ice Pilots, hanging out with Chis Neil and Marc Methot and Zack Smith and even doing a shootout against Craig Anderson on a show was awesome. Growing up in Hay River, hockey players were like gods. It’s amazing how young they look now. Like, I remember being a kid thinking Eric Lindros must be about 50 years old, and he was only 18. But yeah. I grew up in the golden age of hockey. Gretzky and all the boys were still there. Mario Lemieux, Mark Messier and all the cool guys were there, so I think the ‘90s were like the best time to grow up for hockey.

Q: You got to have the Cup on the show once, what was it like finally seeing it for the first time?

A: I was in Whitehorse, and the blue carrying case came out to the airplane, and I was just … my feet were cemented to the floor. They pulled it out and said, ‘Do you want to carry it?’ It was unbelievable. Looking back now it was just so awesome. No matter who you are in the world or whatever celebrity or prime minister or anything like that that you are, the cup is that much more of a celebrity. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world. It’s a piece of metal that everyone fights for.

Amber Dowling is a freelance lifestyle/entertainment writer, yoga and wine enthusiast and all-around player of sports. She currently serves as the vice-president of the Television Critics Association and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows across North America. An advocate for Canadian Television and a lover of the medium in general, Amber founded as a spot for fellow enthusiasts to connect and collaborate. She previously spent almost eight years as the EIC for TV Guide Canada.


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